Pro-immigrant Protestors Converse With Border Patrol Officers

Peaceful pro-immigrant protesters wielding signs with slogans such as “No human is illegal” and “Keep families together,” gathered outside of the Border Patrol station in California on Monday.

After protesting for an hour and a half, officials went outside to speak to the protesters. “I have no illusions that when we leave here we are probably not going to agree on everything, and that’s fine,” said Special Agent David Kim in an interview with USA Today. “At least we can exchange ideas.”

This protest is probably the best example of exercising our First Amendment right that I’ve heard. The protesters assembled to make their point and there was no violence outbreak from protesters or law enforcement.

The fact that they even conversed with each other makes it better because the exchange of ideas can at least give each side an understanding of the other, even if they don’t agree and the protesters grievances aren’t addressed.

More protests should be this peaceful because if people are rallying against people who are violent, oppressive, or otherwise morally wrong, they should do so without succumbing to the same violence they are fighting against.


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