Dive. (Part 2)

This poem is based on a quote from my last post.


I’m standing on the edge of a new life,

My feet buried in the smooth sand below me:

It’s soft, comfortable, familiar to the touch

In front of me is the sea⏤

Vast, cold, and unforgiving


The sky above is blue,

Calm in the midst of chaos

I inch closer to the edge,

My breath hitches at the sudden touch of cold water;

I inch back

Fear is caught in my throat

Like a menacing manifestation of the sand below

Scratching, burning, making it hard to breathe


The tide subsides, the sand dissolves,

I breathe

A deep, shaking breath

I have only moments before the tide comes again,

I must make a choice


Do I stay on the shore:

Safe, secure, and stuck in the same life

Or do I leap into the water:

The dark, deep unknown

To transform into a new version of myself


The water is rushing back to shore,

I’ve made my choice.

I do not inch in either direction

For it is useless

I’ve chosen the water

And I cannot come to it slowly

The only thing to do is



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