Easter Brunch

In my family, we divided the holiday hosting duties between the sisters, and my mom ended up with Easter. True to her nature, Mom decided that the best way to celebrate Easter is with brunch (which is always more of a lunch really because no one is ever on time), and it is always a festive time full of food and family. We gather together in celebration of our faith and we talk and laugh and dance and sing until afternoon turns to evening and our guests have to go home and prepare for the Monday to come. Before the day arrives there is plenty of prep that can drive Mom mad, but Cassy (my “dearest” sister) and I can help to take the load off of her back. For Mom, despite the stress, when the day is done and our family goes home with full bellies and full hearts, it’s all worth it. This year was all little different— some relatives had to work and the rest of the “kids” are off at college— but through it all, some things remained the same. We still felt like a family even though some couldn’t be with us, and, just like every year, the macaroni didn’t arrive on time.


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