A Surge in Solar Power

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, solar power in the California Independent System Operator made up 40% of net grid power for three hours on Tuesday, which is a major first.

California’s growing solar energy market is evidenced by wholesale energy prices which dropped to negative figures last winter and spring. The solar energy market is also creating a lot of jobs, especially in California, which is the number one state in America with the leading number of people employed by the solar energy industry.

Though the falling wholesale prices don’t translate to retail prices, the fall is still good news. It means that California is relying more on solar energy— a cleaner, renewable source which will ultimately be better for the environment and is already showing economic benefits.

The solar industry is experiencing exponential job growth after a “breakneck” growth of 25% last year, making the industry currently employ over a quarter of a million Americans.

According to Andrea Luecke, the executive director of the Solar foundation, “The solar industry currently has more (U.S.) workers that Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon combined.” This job growth is proof that the industry is strengthening the economy and is incentive for more companies and individuals to switch to solar power.


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