Social Media and Journalism

Tuesday, I along with some fellow Harbinger staffers, went on a downtown adventure to attend the school board’s bi-annual Student Social Media  Journalism Forum. The panelists included The Harbinger‘s very own Neyda Borges as well as esteemed broadcast journalists Ari Odzer and Patricia Hurtado de Mendoza, student journalist Marcus Frias, and communications expert Matthew Beatty. The superintendent, Alberto Carvalho, also dropped by to share some inspiring words in defense of journalism and the work that young journalists like us do. The panelists used their own experiences to give insightful answers to questions we all may have had, and since the forum is about social media, we took to social media to share them. Here are the tweets of my favorite pearls of wisdom from that day:

These inspiring words on the role of journalism made me appreciate the field more and strive to be better in every aspect of it.

The speakers also told us the importance of social media, how it is shaping journalism, and how to use it responsibly.

As student journalists it can sometimes feel like doors are closed because of how young we are, but Marcus advised us not to give up. Having faced age discrimination before he knew how hard it could be, but he also knew how rewarding it was when you worked hard and were finally seen as a capable journalist despite your youth.

Ari told us several times of how hard it can be to detach yourself from an emotional situation and get the job done, especially when it comes to interviewing people.

This piece of advice by Matthew appealed to me not only as a journalist, but as an aspiring fiction author as well.

Finally, these may not be pearls of wisdom, but I just loved to see professional journalists enjoying our work.


Don’t forget to read The Harbinger’s coverage of the event!


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