The Great Barrier Reef is Still in Trouble

For the second year in a row the Great Barrier Reef has experienced widespread bleaching. This marks the first time that the reef has not had several years to recover from bleaching events. Though not all of the affected corals will perish, the bleaching is still alarming.

This bleaching is a direct effect of global warming and it’s not confined to the Great Barrier Reef. If corals die, other species will lose their habitats and food sources and it’ll cause a chain reaction that will destroy one of the world’s most biologically diverse ecosystems.

This is why it worries me that we have leaders that don’t believe in climate change. The Trump administration wouldn’t be able to make any laws regarding the Great Barrier Reef, but they probably won’t use their power to make changes in the U.S. either.

Trump has already called climate change a hoax, threatened to pull out of the Paris Agreement, and appointed Scott Pruitt, who denies climate change, as head of the EPA.

During the Trump administration we may see an exponential increase in environmental degradation, at least in the U.S., which adds to my alarm that we are already using Earth’s resources faster than they can replenish.



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