Outcast Child

The Glass Pavilion

O child, you were born so blessed.

You were so loved, because you were so beautiful.

Shaped in God’s own hand and knit together in your mother’s womb.

You were perfect.

O but child, life isn’t perfect.

Oh no, life doesn’t care about your beauty, your blessings.

Sweet child, you had better learn that life isn’t here to be your friend.

You are no one’s pride and joy

You aren’t the apple of anyone’s eye

You are not the one and only or the first love.

You are simply the extra, the burden.

You can be taken care of and handled, sure,

But child, you can’t pull on anyone’s heart string.

Know that you are the outcast child.

Understand that you are deprived, and you will be until you can fend for yourself.

But, honey, perfection never did last anywhere.

It ain’t your fault.

You can only be who you…

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