Super Bowl LI Commercial Recap

I know the title says recap, but if you’re looking for actual talk of sports, you’ve come to the wrong place. I’m not a fan of the game so the most I will say is that I was rooting for the Falcons (for their awesome name and the giant lead they had throughout the first three quarters) but I’m not entirely upset that the Patriots won. It made for an interesting end to an otherwise boring game and I’m glad that I was watching as the first overtime Super Bowl in history unfolded.

What I’m really here to talk about is the commercials. While Lady Gaga did an amazing job and it deserves to be talked about, it’s the commercials and their politically charged messages that really captivated me. I felt that most of the commercials were dull and pointless, but there were some that were overflowing with emotion and almost left me in tears.

For their astounding impact, my favorite Super Bowl LI commercials are (in alphabetical order):

84 Lumber





These commercials promoted the message of unity and acceptance. They told immigrant stories and embraced differences in race, religion, and sexual orientation. They make clear statements that the companies are taking a stand and supporting those that many in our nation are trying to persecute and ostracize. This time of intense political division is the perfect time for such politically charged ads, and I am so glad that these companies put the money and effort into creating them.



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