Separation of Church and State

We as Americans are guaranteed in the First Amendment that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,” yet it so often seems like the government is giving us a monumental slap in the face with Christianity. Our currency, our government buildings, even the Pledge of Allegiance, all give mention to God. Today, as I watched the Inauguration, I was once again bombarded with the Christian religion. At arguably the most important event for American politics, several speakers passionately spoke the word of God on behalf of an institution that has promised not to support any one particular religion. And the Oath itself― the 35 words carefully selected and strung together in a profound promise to the American people― is said with the right hand placed on the bible and followed vehemently with “so help me God.”

I have nothing against God, Christianity, or its followers. I made this post solely because I was reminded of the facts presented above by watching the Inauguration and found the situation interesting; it makes me wonder, is there really a separation of Church and State?


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