Trump’s Triumph: How Nations Around the World are Reacting to Trump’s Victory

The Harbinger

By Sabine Joseph

The victory of Donald J. Trump in the 2016 election has been met with both protest and praise in the United States but considering how important foreign relations are to maintaining order in the U.S. and around the world, it is necessary to listen to how other countries are reacting to the Trump candidacy.

In Russia, Trump’s victory was welcomed and celebrated. The president, Vladimir Putin, sent Trump a telegram expressing congratulations, and the pro-Kremlin party, the majority of the chamber, exploded in raucous applause.

Vyacheslav Novikov, a member of the foreign affairs committee of the United Russian Party, praised Trump for winning in a state address and praised Clinton for accepting defeat graciously, saying: “three minutes ago, Hillary Clinton acknowledged her defeat in the U.S. presidential elections and just a second ago, Trump began his speech as President-elect. I congratulate all of you on this.”


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