Trump’s Triumph: How Nations Around the World are Reacting to Trump’s Victory

The Harbinger

By Sabine Joseph

The victory of Donald J. Trump in the 2016 election has been met with both protest and praise in the United States but considering how important foreign relations are to maintaining order in the U.S. and around the world, it is necessary to listen to how other countries are reacting to the Trump candidacy.

In Russia, Trump’s victory was welcomed and celebrated. The president, Vladimir Putin, sent Trump a telegram expressing congratulations, and the pro-Kremlin party, the majority of the chamber, exploded in raucous applause.

Vyacheslav Novikov, a member of the foreign affairs committee of the United Russian Party, praised Trump for winning in a state address and praised Clinton for accepting defeat graciously, saying: “three minutes ago, Hillary Clinton acknowledged her defeat in the U.S. presidential elections and just a second ago, Trump began his speech as President-elect. I congratulate all of you on this.”


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Pinkroom Fun

We had time to spare so Maria and I did a mini photo session, this was my favorite.


As excited as I was for Halloween, I forgot to make a post about it. I suppose I wasn’t really feeling the spirit. It’s a bit difficult to immerse yourself in all of the Halloween activities when it’s a Monday and there’s school the next day. I did enjoy myself, however, because I spent the evening with close friends chatting, playing board games, rocking out on X-Box, and gorging on pizza and lots and lots of candy.

Broadcast Meets Print: Stephanie Bertini Visits the Harbinger Newsroom

It’s a bit late for me to share this on my blog because Ms. Bertini visited almost a week ago, but I enjoyed her visit and wanted it marked on my page.

The Harbinger

By Sabine Joseph

This Wednesday, Stephanie Bertini, a broadcast journalist currently employed at NBC 6 News, walked into the journalism classroom at Miami Lakes Educational Center prepared with an audiovisual resume and powerpoint, ready to impart her knowledge on the future generation of journalists.

Bertini began with a video that compiled her 10 year broadcast career to show her transition in journalism, beginning with local stories in Canada and progressing to more cutting edge stories in the larger and more competitive Miami market. To show how she made her way to where she is now, she also showed her powerpoint presentation entitled “Dream and Reach: My Journey in Television News.”

She stressed the fact that broadcast journalism is about helping others and not oneself. It’s about going out and telling people’s stories, informing the public, and reporting the facts: “If you have selfish goals, this is not a business for…

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