MLEC Kicks Off the 2016 Key Club Year

This was my first KCKC experience and I loved it. I got to spend the day with friends, volunteer for a wonderful organization, and run around taking pictures and doing interviews like a true journalist.

The Harbinger

By Sabine Joseph

The Key Club Kickoff Conference (KCKC) is the first event on the Key Club calendar and is anticipated and attended by new and old members alike. This year, Miami Lakes Educational Center (MLEC) hosted the event for the second consecutive year on Saturday, September 17 for Zone K, all of the Key Clubs within a specific section of Florida.

“[It was] a really exciting event because we got to host workshops, and activities, and all kinds of things Key Club related for an entire county, it was an honor to be able to host ,” said MLEC’s Key Club sponsor, Mrs. Viada.

There was a great turnout, especially for MLEC’s division, 25A, which had all schools in the division in attendance. On the day of the event, students from throughout Florida enjoyed a day of learning and were able to socialize with students from their school and…

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